Highlighted Projects


Highlighted Projects.

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Website Redesign

Boulder Denim Website Redesign

With a new product line about to release I was tasked to evaluate and redesign the UX of the site. Working with their marketing team I was about to launch their website in two phases over a span of a month and up their conversion rates by 205% from the previous year.

Case Study (In Progress)

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PicMonkey Feature Updates

PicMonkey had one more release before closing out the 2018 year. I was in charge of updating certain features and adopting specific content for parity with the desktop platform.

This included a new color wheel, font picker, new functionality of the home screen, finding ways to reduce the app size to be able to import more stickers as well as the exploration of updating a users profile and search features within the app.
Feature Case Studies


Samsung Checkout Redesign

Create a better streamline checkout experience for the user. Previously, the look was outdated and since Samsung US eCommerce platform started in 2015 it needed to be relooked and the UI/UX needed to be relevant for upcoming promos and offers.

Samsung TV Configurator

Following the Galaxy S7 & Home Appliance configurator, Samsung wanted to see if they could incorporate it for their TV category as well. It was a process in which we were trying to educated the customer and seamlessly get them to pick the best TV for their needs.

Samsung TV Configurator Case Study

Samsung B2B Phase 0&1

As eCommerce platform has shown rapid growth, the company wanted to penetrate the SMB market. Samsung is in the process of converting services that were successful in the B2C experience and the general needs of a business account for B2B customers. 

Samsung B2B Phase 0 & 1 Case Study

Additional Work 

As Samsungs eCommerce site is fairly new, our UX team were subject to many quick and sometimes drastic changes for the site. From product cards to CTAs and collaborating with the mobile team these are some of the projects I worked on.


Filter - T-Mobile Flow | UI Designer

- Create Android, iOS & Desktop Mockups
- Redline screens
- Misc production projects


Smartsheet | Visual Designer

- Mockup landing pages for partners as well as new pages
- Update universal icons and illustrations within brand guidelines
- Create one sheets and marketing assets to assist other teams (Sales, PPC, etc.)
- Internal posters and swag material


Swype | UI Design

- Conceptualize keyboard themes.
- Redefine onboarding experience
- Illustrate icons and keyboard elements and layout.