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Samsung TV Configurator | UX Design

Samsung TV Configurator

I was tasked to design the TV configurator on Samsung.com based off Samsung's phone configurator. This encompasses both UI style changes and interaction changes. I also updated the user flows to stream line the TV decision process for our customers. 


Before Designing

With analytic data collected from one of our user researchers, we looked at what our business goals were as well as what users generally needed to make a comfortable decision on purchasing a  TV. This included accounting for different flow combinations (excel) as business to ensure the results for the user would suffice. Once we felt like we had a solid understanding of our users, we began to create the new flows and UI.


User Flow & Analytics

Once a customer entered the configurator the challenge was to understand what information users needed to be comfortable with purchasing the selected TVs. I created a linear flow, where our customers would keep moving forward though the steps. If they decided to change their mind they could navigate back to different steps and quickly change their decision. Business was in charge of providing the Excel sheet below to help justify the steps in the configurator.



Final Product

Based on the data collected along with business decisions we narrowed down the flow for the TV configurator. Doing the best with data and assets given I was able to launch the project on time.

Take Away

I worked with multiple Product Managers, merchandising, and business stakeholders to design the purchasing experience. There were two main goals; for the Product Managers, they wished to create a streamline process to buy the new TV. For the design team and myself, our goal was to create an experience that helps educate the customers to a point to where they could make choices that they were satisfied with.  This configurator has evolved but the initial work done helped conversions 30% from the normal purchasing path. We are still gathering data to improve the functionality to meet the business and consumer needs with implantation of other programs.