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Samsung B2B

Samsung B2B Platform Phase 0 & 1

As eCommerce platform has shown rapid growth, the company wanted to penetrate the SMB market. Samsung is in the process of converting services that were successful in the B2C experience and the general needs of a business account for B2B customers.



Utilizing our B2C experience and understanding the scale of this project the we decided to break the project up in phases. Phase 0 would be the Sign-up experience. Referencing various places on our site I created a form with the needed fields that data validation needed to confirm a business account. Phase 1 would be the purchase experience. This included updating the SKU PDP, cart, and checkout, emails to account for the new features such as tiered pricing and quantities within line items. 

B2C Expereince

Phase 0 & 1 Workflow

Tiered Pricing Research

Phase 0 & 1 Launched

Releasing the B2B platform in phases really helped organize the various tasks needed to be completed. It help me align the business needs with SMB needs by giving me time to ask specific questions to various stakeholders. Phase 0 (Onboarding/Sign-up) & Phase 1 (Purchase Flow).

Take Away

When our UX team initial redesigned the cart there were many factors to account for. The B2B experience made me revisit some of those problems. I learned a lot about how Samsung vision on signing up B2B companies.Working very closely with the Project Manager, we were able to communicate various business related concerns and talk to other teams about possible solutions. The goal of the project was to open up a different platform for business. There are still multiple phases being worked on but this was a great start to scaling the eCommerce platform.